Pollinators of a better world wanted!

We prototype our ideas and produce all of our eco-conscious products in our FactorUS (our art and production studio) that is located in a small village in the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec. We work our magic thanks to vivid colours in our paintbrushes as well as our diode laser and cnc machines that allow us to create and multiply original inspirational art as well as practical products to optimize your home and garden. We invest all of our time and a large part of our profits back into the environment in order to plant 1, 000, 000 flowers for our pollinators and create food sanctuaries for humans. We’re just getting started, but our creativity is joyfully overflowing and our vision for the new world is broad-ranging and comprehensive.

If this resonates for you, have a look at our current offerings and select a tiny or monumental work of art that supports our mission.

Boutique Kolibrico

We create purposeful art for your heart, home and garden. To help us create hummingbird havens and food sanctuaries for humans visit our Kolibrico Boutique!

Hummingbird Sanctuaries

Ready to take part in our movement? We are now creating hummingbird sanctuaries in the Laurentians. Whether you want to add a few flowers around your address sign, in your new or established gardens at home or if you would like to make your commercial space hummingbird friendly, we are eager to help you find the best plants for your space. Thank you for helping us co-create a better world! Get in touch! We’re at your service! 

Murales Kolibrico

After experiencing the joy of painting a giant hummingbird in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in 2018, I now feel inspired to paint giant hummingbirds everywhere, knowing that they’ll  become the ambassadors of the Kolibrico mission all over the world.

Does this resonate for you? I would love to paint a mural in your home or in a commercial space that is close to your heart.