Recent Mural Projects

Beyond mere decoration, a well-crafted mural transforms spaces from flat and lifeless to whatever emotion or energy you wish to convey. Murals not only redefine aesthetics but elevate the very spirit of a space. Beyond a decorative touch, they’re a strategic investment in cultivating an atmosphere of joy and positivity.

Using colour, line, pattern, form and intent, my art spaces are filled with nature, vibrant colours and soft, rounded edges to create sanctuary for you and yours.

Club Med Turks and Caicos

I was thrilled to be invited to Turks and Caicos in 2023 to paint a mural in the GO break room over a period of 13 days. (about 900 sqft)  I was given carte-blanche by the Chef du Village and decided to paint a hummingbird sanctuary with local flora and fauna.

Club Med Punta Cana

I was invited to ClubMed Punta Cana twice in 2018 and was asked to paint 7 murals for the GO Village as well as to wrap the exterior of the entire Smile Team Center (almost 2000 sqft)

The objective was to create an inviting space for the team to relax and congregate. I painted murals in the common eating area, the living quarters and the team center over a period of 40 days.

Hakini – Clinique d’Ostéopathie et Santé Globale

I was invited to paint the main reception area of the yoga studio and osteopathy clinic in order to create an inviting and peaceful area that would compensate for the fact that there was no natural light. I also included several vignettes that held special meaning for the owners in order to establish their brand culture. (about 160 sqft)

I love painting large with tiny brushes and heartfelt intent

My studio is located in the heart of the forest in Quebec, Canada. I am inspired by the hummingbird who reminds me to savour the nectar of life while actively doing my part to co-create a better world.

I am wholeheartedly invested in planting indigenous flowers for our pollinators and creating food sanctuaries for humans. Love must bloom for the new world to emerge. What better ode to love than millions of flowers being planted for the pollinators and humans we love ? 

This is the legacy I wish to leave for future generations, knowing that my contribution is but a drop in the ocean and that it contributed to the ripple effect that led us to the better world we all dream of. This is the force that guides every single brush stroke and every drop of colour in my work. 

Do you want to be part of this journey?  Joy and infinite gratitude for resonating with this mission ! You can lend a hand with seed money by inviting me to paint a mural in your home or place of business or find a piece in my Kolibrico shop that sparks your joy and inspires you. Every piece of art will help us cultivate the art of alignment together as we pollinate a better world for us all. Get in touch with me via email or connect with me on Facebook and let us explore how we will achieve this mission, one flower at a time. 


We wanted to create an oasis in the urban jungle where people could get grounded and feel welcomed. Yanik’s mural greatly surpassed our expectations!

We chose to establish our business in this space because of all the windows and natural light in our yoga studio. But unfortunately, but there isn’t any natural light in our welcome lobby area. We felt that a beautiful piece of art could compensate for the lack of light and transform the space. We wanted our guests to feel welcomed so they could contemplate and feel relaxed and comfortable as they wait for a treatment or yoga class. So, It’s fantastic! The mural is perfectly integrated with our space. It’s a very immersive experience. Yanik’s work is colossal we are so thankful for her art and contribution to our space. -Julien Devaud

Julien Devaud, Hakini

We feel as though we are in nature and we can sit in one of our hammocks and spend hours looking at the mural to see all the small details that were incorporated. There is so much depth to the piece that it really feels as though we are there with the tree and the mountains. Every colour, every symbol, every animal has a reason for being there. There are magic touches throughout the mural  and it feels as though we will still be discovering new things for months to come. -Geneviève Gignac

Geneviève Gignac, Hakini

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My pollination mission resonates with you and you’d like to commission a mural? Infinite joy and gratitude. I look forward to hearing from you! Warm thanks and abundant blessings,


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