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Kolibrico is a glittering of hummingbirds who joyfully pollinate, sow, root and propagate heart-centered ideas, art and hand-made products that contribute to a much needed planetary paradigm shift.

Working from our agile, home-based production facility that we call our FactorUs, we only engage in ethical and mutually beneficial collaboration with partners who also operate in the green, conscious and circular economy. We strive to become a B-Corp.

Welcome to our expanding universe of positive energy and focused action!

We’re just getting started! Watch us bloom, one flower at a time,

Yanik and the Kolibrico team. <3



Kolibrico Team

Yanik Falardeau - Photo de profil Kolibrico

Yanik Falardeau

Yanik, the multi-passionate artist at the heart of Kolibrico’s vision, draws inspiration from the gentle whispers of nature to envision, paint, create, and illuminate the art that powers our mission. With over 26 years of experience as an web professional and consultant, Yanik guides and weaves our online growth with strategic intelligence, skillfully integrating technology with art to propel our vision forward.

Serge Bacon

Fortified by a degree in Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Serge utilizes 27 years of experience in project management, quality control, and automation to ensure that our relationships with our esteemed production partners are in the flow. His dedication ensures the ethical production of our products, while also fostering alliances with strategic partners who share our vision of a conscious local economy.

Loïk Falardeau Groleau

Loik is the source of all inspiration and the reason Yanik has been striving to create a better world for the past 21 years. He is her North Star which guides every action in the now, to our vision of of a more just future.

Student of life, Loïk is a polymath and an empathic creative force and we are thrilled that he is joining our collective and contributing his unique mix of skills and savvy to help us expand in new and exciting ways.

Are you next? 

We are always open to collaborating with people who want to create sanctuary. Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!


An infinite wellspring of unconditional love, loyalty, and cuddles, Happy has been our joyful companion for a decade! Serving as a constant reminder to embrace playfulness and the outdoors, Happy plays a vital role in helping us maintain balance as we strive for a fulfilling and peaceful existence. Happy ensures that we get plenty of serotonin each and every day and we are infinitely grateful for his presence in our lives and in our business as well.


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Contact us

Our studio is located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada. You can reach us by phone but email is better!

Phone 514-649-6525 Email yanik@kolibrico.art

We’re always open to partnering with like-minded people and businesses who are actively taking part in the conscious economy in order to co-create a better world. Are you in alignment with our vision and our mission? Get in touch! 

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